What is Domini Life and for whom?


  • To facilitate cooperation between various Christian communities, e.g. Christian organizations and churches.
  • To break down barriers between Christian groups and organizations. Towitness of the unity of Christians.
  • To reach out to people who are involved or interested in the activities in local churches and Christian organizations.
  • The mobile format aims to reach especially out to the +/- 30 age group during their busy years of life with work and young children; it is often difficult to reach out to them with traditional methods.
  • To collect various Christian media contents into one place for an easy access. To increase the ”reached” statistics of many Christian media contents.
  • The app is modern, up to date and easy to access. It goes with people where they go.
  • User experiences and ideas are collected in building and developing the app. For this purpose, there is a test user group. More features will be added in 2018.
  • The national communication office of the Evangelical Lutheran Churchof Finland and leading Christian publishers are part of this project.

Domini Life app sections



1. Lifestyle of prayer, care and share, L-10-T (Luke 10 Transformation, Luke


ch. 10 for today)

  • A personal schedule of prayer.
  • Prayer wall: leaving prayer items/topics for others to pray for, and praying for their items/topics.

2. Action challenge for daily life

  • Strengthening one’s own and communal Christian lifestyle through small deeds.
  • Including people in one’s life (family, extended family, friends, work place, area of residence, church, country, etc.)

3. Media – Newsroom

  • News from various Christian media sources chronologically according to the date of publishing.
  • The app uses RSS feed to offer available news from various web sites.
  • The informative material may be in the form text, audio and video. Topical themes are prayers in the main principle of the app.

4. Powerful words – A Verse for the Day on the Opening page

  • Clicking next to the Powerful Word takes you to the Bible passage where the verse comes from.

5. Domini Life community

  • Interaction by using the Facebook app
  • User can invite people from his/her networks and share Domini Life contents.

Domini Life uskoa tukeva mobiiliapplikaatio iOS Android

Bible characters and progressing

Collecting points

  • The app encourages users to fully practice their Christian life. The app includes a game element, through collecting ”points” available from various activities.
  • Certain numbers of points are connected to specific Biblical characters described in the app. The first version includes 12 characters: Balaam’s donkey, Benjamin, Shadrach, centurion, Hannah, Cananite woman, young David, Mary Magdalene, tax collector, wise bridesmaid, faithful servant, a small child.
  • The characters will further developed so that they will include items of the armor of God based on Ephesians 6.

Responsible parties and project team of Domini Life

  • Leading organization of project is Media Mission the Messengers (Sansa)
  • Partner organization Logos Ministries of Finland
  • Representation from cooperating entities: Office for Global Mission (the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland), TP-Fons Company, The Finnish Mission Council’s Young Adults Missions Promotion working group.
  • Technical realization by Valu Digital Company.


Domini Life was launched at the big national Christian event, “Christ Day”, in Turku, Finland, on December 2, 2017.

Project management: Media Mission the Messengers (Sansa), and Logos Ministries of Finland (KRS).

Enquiries: Ms. Mervi Viuhko, Head of Communication, Sansa, mervi.viuhko@sansa.fi, tel. +358 50 551 6180.